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    Last updated: 2016-05-07

    Rule changelog

  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png RULES

  • Thank you for visiting our server rules page. You have successfully completed the first step to becoming a respected member of our community, we are a serious role playing community. The server rules are very important to us. They are what separates our server from all others.  Therefore, we expect you to take the time to read through the rules and to obtain a working knowledge of them. Each rule applies to every member that is part of our community.

    If you catch any player breaking any of the rules listed below, please try to have a word with them before reporting it here. Sometimes it could be a misunderstanding.

    We're all human after all.

    Have common sense, if something is questionable then ask a staff member if it is allowed.
    Ignorance is never an acceptable excuse for breaking a rule.

  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png INDEX

  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png CHEATING, EXPLOITING & HACKING

  • 1.1: Using any kind of cheat, script, or hack that gives you any advantage over other players is a permanently bannable offence.

    1.2: Using any kind of exploitation is a permanently bannable offense.

    Some examples of exploiting are:

    • Duplication of items.
    • Duplication of money.
    • Logging out during any kind of role playing event that is still ongoing.
    • Abusing any kind of bug within the in-game mechanism for your own advantage.
    • Processing, selling or gathering through any wall or roof of any building.
    • Changing the default control layout to circumvent key restrictions.

    These are examples only and cannot cover every possible exploitation. There are many other ways that one can use the mechanics or glitches to one’s own advantage and once caught the player will be banned.

    1.3: When playing as blufor sharing any information with rebels regarding the bank is considered exploiting and will result in a permanent ban. This includes giving police positions, sharing police information such as tactics, weapons and vehicles used.

    1.4: Vaulting or jumping (V key in-game) into player owned housing (locked houses) or using bolt cutters on doors of player owned houses from the inside of the building is classed as exploiting may result in a permanent ban.

  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png ROLEPLAY & METAGAMING

  • Metagaming is an action where a player makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of.

    2.1: You may not break role play in any way.
    This means that you do not use // to talk out of character(OOC) or go OOC during any kind of role play. If you have any issues please have a talk with the involved party on our Teamspeak or forums.

    2.2: Always have a good reason for the things you are doing and have a good story to back it up. The story must have some thought put into it. You cannot shoot people just because you do not like their shoes. Example you are allowed to state "Does anyone want to do a salt run?". You cannot state "People are at the salt mine" etcetra. Metagaming in sidechat is NOT allowed.

    2.3: The blue side channel chat is used for out of role play communication. You are not allowed to role play within the blue side chat. A good example of this is saying through blue side chat that person X has to drop his weapon or he gets shot at.

    2.4: Even though a player can see another’s in game name, the character is to have no knowledge of this until he learns it through role play. The APC ranks are exempt from this unless they hide their identity. (Metagaming names is allowed in special cases which are listed below.)

    2.5: If you are restrained and your communications have been removed you shall not be active on any other form of communication other than the direct chat ingame.

    2.6: Stream sniping is a bannable offense. If you are playing on our server and are watching a stream and use the information you get from that stream is considered as metagaming.

    2.7: If you are incapacitated and you have been restrained, given blood or somebody has made an effort to speak you then you cannot execute yourself for at least five minutes otherwise it will be considered fail RP. If you have been restrained but the person responsible has made no effort to even speak to you then you are welcome to execute yourself. e.g. Player A kills Player B and then restrains him, shortly after tells him that he has called a medic and he should be here soon. If player B then executes himself then he will be subject to punishment.

     If you are roleplaying with somebody and forcing them to not execute themselves then you are also liable to roleplay with them once they have been revived and not just take their gear and leave them.


  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png INITIATIONS OF ROLEPLAY

  • 3.1: The only way to initiate is by speaking through direct communication. You may initiate by typing into direct chat if you are initiating on or are in a helicopter.


    Players on the ground may find out the identity of the pilot in flight to send them a text message (Via in In-game Y menu). Pilots in flight may metagame other pilots to send them text messages. Pilots in flight are not allowed to metagame players that are on the ground.

    3.2: When a player is killed and then revived by a medic, that player must re-initiate roleplay before shooting/killing anyone.

    3.3: Using a helicopter to block the path of another helicopter taking off is classed as initiation. Players that are within the same gang as the pilot of the helicopter are allowed to open fire on the helicopter and the gang members of the pilot blocking the path.

    Example: You are at oil processing with your gang members piloting a helicopter. A police helicopter enters the area and hovers above your chopper blocking you from taking off. Your gang is now allowed to shoot at the police due to it being classed as initiation. Do not forget that they MUST to be hovering directly above you.

    3.4: You are allowed to shoot at ground vehicles to disable it without initiating role play, however, after the vehicle is disabled the shooters must approach the vehicle to initiate role play with the passengers. Shooting at a vehicle initiates roleplay for the drivers gang and the passengers so they may defend themselves, This does not include any of the passengers gang members. You may not shoot at vehicles that you do not intent to role play with.

    This also means that 'landed helicopters' are considered ground vehicles.

    Disabling someones vehicle with a spikestrip initiates roleplay for the occupants of the vehicle and they may defend themselves. This does not allow the gang or faction of the vehicle to open fire without initiation.

    The APC is allowed to shoot the gunner of a .50 cal offroad without initiating role play.

    3.5: Each gang is individually responsible for initiating role play.

    3.6: When a player is automatically unrestrained due to the in-game time limit he/she must re initiate role play before shooting.

    3.7: You cannot initiate on blufor through the use of the dispatch system, this includes APC and NATO.

    3.8: If a group member of yours is RDM’ed, or a player attempts to RDM you, this counts as one way initiation meaning you can return fire, However this only counts towards the player or players firing at you.

    3.9 If you are clearly being VDM’ed intentionally this counts as initiation, you may fire at the driver only. This does not count for general road accidents, or yourself accidentally being hit by a vehicle.


  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png GENERAL RULES

  • 4.1: VDM - Vehicular Death Match is defined as using your vehicle to run people over, ram other vehicles in or outside of combat, or with the intent to cause an explosion.
    However, using a Ifrit, Hunter, or Strider to try to immobilize another Ifrit, Hunter or Strider is permitted within role play. Brake checking is also considered a type of VDM and this will not be allowed either unless you are in a stated exception vehicle such as a Hunter. This does not include stationary vehicles so you may still use them in roadblocks or using them in the middle of the road to set traps. 

    4.2: RDM - Random Death Match is defined as shooting at another player without engaging in any form of proper role play.

    4.3: Do not troll in any way. You are allowed to have fun while role playing but if your fun causes the distress of another you may face a ban.

    4.4: You may not sell or trade any in-game content for any form of payment outside of the game. Both buyer and seller will be banned. If you do want to sell IN-GAME items you may do so for IN-GAME payments.

    4.5: You must not abuse your in-game microphone to annoy others. Playing music or shouting can ruin other’s role play experiences and is strictly forbidden.

    4.6: Player or gang names are not allowed to be offensive to others, nor can they be associated with any illegal groups or persons that can/will offend anyone. Examples of this are real-life terrorist organizations, religious groups and other fragile subjects. Use your common knowledge for this. All gangs and members who break this rule will be forced to change their name and may also face punishment.

    4.7: Before playing, you should become aware of our server exclusive controls. These controls include: how to put your hands up, holster your weapon, and use of the Y menu.

    4.8: Grand Theft Arma is one of the busiest servers in the world. If you need to go away from your computer for more than 10 minutes you are required to disconnect from the server.

    4.9: Storing your money in an ATM to prevent someone from acquiring it during active roleplay is a bannable offense. This rule also applies if you are aware that you are being followed or that someone is clearly trying to acquire the money.

    Examples of this are: driving a truck into the sea or storing your vehicle in the garage while being chased by the police.

    4.10: You may not, under any circumstance, spawn a combat vehicle into a combat situation that is ongoing. You are however allowed to take out a civillian ground vehicle from the garage if you are around 2KM or more out from the situation.

    4.11: When an individual or group shoots and incapacitates another player, only those players involved in that role play scenario, may choose whether or not to ‘execute' or ‘spare’ the downed player. Individuals who were not involved in that role play situation are not allowed to ‘execute’ or 'restrain' an incapacitated player by any means whatsoever.

    4.12: We have a strict policy against spoiling or ruining any shows or movies, we are a community and we take this very seriously and you will receive a community ban from our teamspeak, gameserver and forums if you are caught doing this.

    4.13: Impersonating NATO or the Police is strictly against the rules, we have a lot of players that are new to our server and that don't realise that NATO is a Bluefor faction and end up being robbed by somebody impersonating them and get the wrong idea. You may NOT rob titan launchers.

    4.14: We expect everyone that plays the server to speak English in a formal fashion. This server is dedicated towards roleplay and that can become impaired from certain players not being able to speak the language fluently, due to this we cannot accept players that are unable to speak English in a fluent manner. We require players to know at minimum basic English in order to roleplay with others on the server.

    4.15: Toxicity, discrimination, racism or acting in a manner that is deemed inappropriate/offensive at any time is not tolerated and may result in a permanent ban.

    4.16: Someone else breaking a rule does not allow you to do the same, you should act normal, stay in character and then resolve it with aid of the dispute system when the situation is over.


  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png REBEL GAMEPLAY

  • 5.1: Being a rebel gives you access to more weapons and options in the game but you are still a player like everyone else.

    5.2: Rebels can do city attacks in where they try to take over the city by fighting the cops. You cannot start an attack without permission from the leader of the police and an admin.

    5.3: Armed Offroads, Ifrits, Unarmed Qilins and Armed Qilins are not allowed inside the green zones. An exception to this rule will be if you are chasing somebody with an Ifrit or Unarmed Qilin into the green zone from an ongoing situation which has started at least 1.5km away from the green zone. This exception does not apply to the Armed Qilin or Armed Offroad.

    5.4: Rebel gangs are allowed to have their own gang base. Once you are an established gang on our server and we think you deserve one, you will most likely get one. Begging for a gang base will most likely result in you getting a shack as gang base.

    5.5: A rebel gang base can get attacked by another gang or the APC. The attack will be considered concluded after thirty minutes of no shots being exchanged between the two opposing groups. The attackers have to leave the area after the fight so that the owners of the base may return without violating the new life rule. A group may attack the same gang base once per reset.

    5.6: Rebels must have the gang tag within their name to enable them to join in with gang roleplay. This is to join in with gang roleplay you have to first be inside the gang in question as well as have the appropriate gang tag in your name.

    This applies to well established gangs, such as gangs with a teamspeak channel or gangs with more than 3 concurrent members online.

    5.7: Combat Storing Money: It is against the rules to store money whilst in combat. There are a few examples below although these are only examples and there are many different situations other than these.

    • Storing your money whilst being robbed
    • Storing your money whilst somebody has started roleplay with you
    • Storing money during a Hostage Operation


    5.8: Backpack runs: It is against server rules to complete runs in a helicopter just using a backpack, if you wish to complete a run with a helicopter you must purchase a box to transfer the materials.

    5.9: Rebel gangs can only have a maximum of 12 players on a server at one time, the gang can have 12 players on each of the servers. The only exception to this is when a gang is robbing the Royal Mint.


  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png NEW LIFE RULE

  • A new life means that if you died your character has lost all previous memories, events and information leading up to their death. You cannot return to the same situation.
    6.1: A new life starts when:

    • Your character has died in a RP situation;
    • Your character has been involved in an accident.

    6.2: A new life does not start when:

    • You get RDM’ed; You are shot without roleplay by a player breaking rule 4.2.
    • You get VDM’ed; Somebody has used a vehicle against you to kill you in the process.
    • You disconnect and end your play session.

    6.3: When you re-spawn:

    • You cannot remember any previous role-play situations.
    • You cannot return to retrieve a vehicle.
    • You cannot remember enemies or random players.
    • You cannot return to the place of death for at least 15 minutes.
    • You can remember friends and gang members.
    • You must stay at least 1.5KM away from the location of your previous death until NLR expires.


  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png HOUSING

  • 7.1:  House-ownership rules:

    • You may only buy 1 house and garage in each city.
    • You are not allowed to have houses on a secondary account.

    7.2: It is possible to break into each others house, however the owner of the house may kill any robbers involved with the situation on sight whether they are armed or not. The robbers however may not fire any armed person close to the location until they have initiated role play.

    You still have to be careful not to kill random people if it's a crowded area for example Kavala.

    7.3: The police may ask you if they can enter your property to search it but you can always refuse this. They can get an official warrant from the government but they have to wait at least 15 minutes before they can enter your house with the warrant.

    7.4: If the police see you enter your building with a gun then they might raid the house straight away, however they cannot search your house without a warrant if they do not have any actual proof of you doing anything illegal.

    7.5: The cops may raid your house if you are on the wanted list and if they know your house location.

    7.6: The police may raid any house within the green zone if they are planning to do a mass raid for illegal items.


  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png THE STAFF

  • For an overview of all the staff members please visit this link.

    8.1: Please respect any member of the staff. We are always trying our best and should be taken seriously.

    • Any decision made by a staff member is final, so please respect it.
    • Insulting any members of the staff is a big no-no!

    8.2: Do not spam any of the staff members on the forums or Teamspeak. We're extremely busy and we all have our own roles. You can post on the forums and it will be checked and solved.

    8.3: Accusing a staff member of abuse without any evidence is disrespectful and can result in a ban. If you have any kind of evidence please send a senior admin or above a message on either the forums or Teamspeak.

    8.4: Whenever you contact a staff member please state the entire problem. If you do not do this the staff member will most likely ignore your message.


  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png ADVERTISING

  • 9.1: Never advertise any other Altis Life communities.

    9.2: Trying to sell a product of yours on our forums or in-game is also bannable. (ex: viagra pills, lightsabers, etc.).

    9.3: We have an official Teamspeak which we prefer you use. There are public rooms and rooms for gangs. Please visit this topic to get your own gang channel(s): Link

    9.4: Do not advertise any other Teamspeak servers within our community.

    9.5: Do not advertise your gang websites without getting clearance from an admin before. Even with that clearance only do this over teamspeak and on your gang recruitment post.


  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png MEDICS

  • 10.1: When you are a medic, you are absolutely NOT allowed to accompany other rebels or police officers, as you are playing as a medic your role is to heal and revive everyone in need of help.

    10.2: If you have received an emergency call from a civilian that they need medical assistance, you are allowed to break the speed limit and go as fast as you please. Be advised that accidents are more likely to happen this way so please be careful! 

    10.3: As a medic you are normally not able to carry a firearm with you, unless you are granted permission from a Chief Medic in that case you are able to do it.

    10.4: Medics are NOT allowed to revive anyone involved at:

    • The Ghost Hotel
    • The Royal Mint
    • The Zaros Bank

    NOTE: Please refer to the medical department rules for violations that will results in a medic’s removal from the department.


  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png ZONES

  • 11.1: Green zones: Green zones are the main cities (the ones you can spawn in). These zones have the most police activity and are also one of the most strict areas when it comes to laws. For a list of the laws please visit this link.

    Green zones are NO fly zones. If you fly inside the green zone the police might try to shoot you down. If you are planning on landing a chopper in the greezone you have a risk that the police will be coming after you and try to arrest you. In the worst case they might even destroy your chopper permanently. 

    Medics are allowed to fly in green zones since the hospitals are stationed within the cities.

    You are NOT allowed to kidnap Police officers inside green zones or in their immediate area. This is the place where cops do their main work, and try to get some solid RP on going. You ARE NOT allowed to rob police in these zones. They have to feel "safe" when doing so.

    You are NOT allowed to take or hold a player hostage inside the greenzones or in their immidiate area.

    You play as an individual in greenzones, this means that roleplay does not get initiated for you when your friend gets into a fight with the police or any other players. You have to be involved with them yourself and can't just jump into the fight.  This does not apply for BLUEFOR, for example if you initate on a cop then any bluefor can shoot you and you can shoot any bluefor in the area.

    Your friend gets pulled over in Kavala and gets into a fight with the police. He tells you to come over and join the fight - But you may NOT join in because the roleplay is not iniated for you - You have to be involved in the conflict yourself and actually been in contact with the police before you can join in.

    The idea of this rule is to stop the gangs from killing all cops in Kavala, it's seen many times that one gang member gets into a fight and then suddenly 10 random guys in Kavala pulls out their guns and back stabs the cops, with the excuse that they are in the same gang. If you're in a car with 4 people and you get pulled over and get into a fight with the cops or a gang, then it's alright and all 4 players are involved and may participate in the fight.

    Remember that this only applies in greenzones, since it gets tricky for the cops when it's crowded with many people and they can't tell whether or not if the people are in the same gang or related.

    11.2: Red zones: Red zones are the red marked areas on the map, they're also known as the rebel zones. Normal server rules applies between rebels.

    Cops moving into the red zone can be shot on sight. Cops can shoot all armed rebels at sight.

    You may only fire into the red zone if you were chased and you have no else to go so you are forced to run out the zone. Once out of the zone you may only kill the people pursuing you and then you must return to the zone.

    The only time you are allowed to shoot from outside the red zone is when you are forced to leave it, but camping outside the red zone and waiting to shoot people regardless if they are fighting your gang is a bannable offense.

    Shooting from outside the red zone without a legitimate reason (such as being chased out) is a bannable offense.

    11.3: Blue zones: Blue zones are also known as "mission" zones. There's currently three blue zones on the whole map - Which is the Federal Reserve, Neochori bank and the money launderer.

    This insures that rebels are able to shoot cops going for the bank without a warning. If they manage to pull the job, then they'll usually head straight for the Money Launderer which also is a blue zone. This mean that the rebels may defend themselves in any way against the bluefor faction.

    There's also a special rule set for NLR in blue zones:
    When you die in a blue zone "mission", then it's over - You may NOT come back during the whole job. This means no fighting at the bank, the ride towards the launderer, and the launderer itself. This applies for both the cops and rebels. This is to make it as realistic as possible, so you actually have to plan it out very well - Rather than just dying and coming back all the time.

    Unless your gang has initiated RP in the bluezone, you are NOT allowed to shoot from outside the zone to people inside of it. Once roleplay is initiated with your gang in the bluezone, gang members are allowed to shoot from outside the zone.

    Robbing the Neochori bank or the Royal Mint is instantly initiating roleplay with the police, therefore, police and rebels may shoot from inside the zone from outside to anyone who is clearly involved in the situation. Police and rebels may also kill people who are clearly involved in the situation who are outside the zone. (eg. if you are sniping on the hill you are at risk of being shot on sight like everyone else during the bank robbery)

    11.4: Orange zones: Anyone in the zone may shoot on sight without roleplay. Rules apply to all people clearly involved with any situation in the near vicinity. You may shoot from outside the orange zone, into the zone and vice versa as long as the people you are shooting are clearly involved.

    Gang bases are orange zone. When you die in a gang base (orange zone) you must follow this guide.
    1. If the situation has concluded before fifteen minutes has passed you must wait the remainder of your fifteen minutes before returning.
    2. If the situation is still ongoing after fifteen minutes you must wait until the situation is over before returning.

    11.5: Police HQ's: Police HQ's are safe zones, you are not allowed to shoot into a Police HQ unless there is a rebel city attack, or the RP is ongoing.

    Example: if the cops are fleeing into Kavala HQ, then you may continue the fight, but if you stop shooting you can't re-open RP to start shooting at them again.


  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png BOUNTY HUNTERS

  • 12.1: You are not allowed to store any Bounty Hunter gear or give it to any non-bounty hunters. You buy the gear that you need and patrol with it, then you either sell it to a NPC or get rid of it.

    12.2: You are not allowed to roll with non-bounty hunters when you hunt. You have to play with other official hunters or alone!

    12.3: The taser is only meant for criminals, do not abuse it in any way! (Something simple like trolling with taser can and will lead to a permanent ban).

    12.4: You have to wear the official uniform when you're hunting, hunting without the uniform is considered exploiting and will lead to a permanent ban.

    12.5: Being a Bounty Hunter does not put you above the law, the Police may still arrest you if you're caught committing a crime.

    12.6: Capturing friends to make money is considered as exploiting which will lead to a permanent ban.

    12.7: As a Bounty Hunter you are only allowed to carry the non-lethal Taser pistol.


  • 402c139ac04e57ef72326f06a6565e34.png TEAMSPEAK

  • 13.1: Any faction with join permission high enough to join certain channels and ignore the passwords, may NOT join private channels without asking the owners of the channel. This means that cops needs to ask gang leaders or members before jumping into their channels, HATO needs to ask the cops before jumping into channels and rebels with high join permission may NOT join police channels without permission from the cops in the channel. Breaking any of these is considered as metagaming, which can and will lead to a ban.

    13.2: Music bots/voice changers are not allowed in any of the public channels. Please use your teamspeak tools in a place where they do not bother anybody.

    13.3: Trolling or being an annoyance to somebody on Teamspeak is not tolerated.