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keem star

experience with NHS

Last last night I was playing casually, I hit a car and killed myself... I was waiting for a while before a medic came. After a bit of waiting a medic turned up and I can honestly say, this was the best time on the server for me. It was [NHS] Sammy. He was so positive about the situation and I could cleary see how he was trying to roleplay with me! I asked for his NHS rank and he told me he was HCA, which I looked in the handbook and it appears to be the first rank. I was so shocked to see someone who is enjoying it as much as he was, and putting the effort in too. It makes a change to have some amazing roleplay like this once in a while, really enjoyed it. Thanks for the experience Sammy. I don't know how I can send this to any higher up medics cause I don't know any, but if someone does. Be sure to mention them please! Thanks guys :)

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Aha thanks man! I enjoyed it too, hope to see you around Altis again... really good time

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