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1st Person View: How to Improve Your Experience

Field of View (FoV)

ArmA 3's default field of view is 70 and for many players this is too little and can be quite restrictive in 1st person. Unfortunately ArmA 3 doesn't have an in-game setting to adjust this, there is however a 3rd party tool (which is safe to use) that will allow you to adjust your field of view to whatever value you desire.


Download: ArmA FOV Changer

I strongly recommend you read the installation instructions very carefully. For those wondering what they should set their vertical FoV to I suggest you start by setting it to 90 and increasing or decreasing it from there depending on how happy you are with the results.

In-Game Settings

These settings are fairly crucial in my opinion and should make 1st person a lot more comfortable for those who may not be used to it.

Game Options

Press Escape In-Game > Options > Game 

  • Set the Head Bob slider to 0.

Video Options

Press Escape In-Game > Options > Video > AA & PPEC4lh5v.png

  • Set Radial Blur slider to 0.
  • Set the Rotation Blur slider to 0.

Press Escape In-Game > Options > Video > GeneralwJHxWAZ.png

  • Disable PIP (Picture in Picture). PIP allows for things like mirrors and camera screens to be rendered dynamically in game. Mirrors and screens inside of vehicles are only rendered in 1st person and while it is a very cool feature, it's extremely taxing and will result in large FPS drops for some players. 

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