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HMPF Auction House

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, HMPF welcomes you to The Auction House!


What is this place?

This is where high-rollers come to bid on exclusive items and pets.


What can I bid on?

You can view all open auctions by clicking here. If there are no open auctions then keep an eye on that space as the next one could be just around the corner!


How does the bidding work?

A new thread will be created whenever an item is up for auction. This thread will list the following information:

  • The item being auctioned
  • A brief description of what it can do for you
  • The suggested opening bid
  • The minimum bid increment

Interested parties may reply to the thread with their bids. Each new bid must be higher than the previous one and it must meet the minimum bid increment. For example:

  • A Golden Helmet is being auctioned
  • The minimum bid increment is of 100k
  • The first bidder puts up a 500k bid
  • This means that the next bidder must bid 600k or more in order for their bid to be valid

You must first put money into escrow as this is the only way the Auction House can guarantee that you'll pay up if you win the bid. You can do this by depositing the money you'll be using for bidding into your HMPF Account. Please note that while you can bid before creating your HMPF Account, you'll have to set one up and deposit the money to cover your bid within 3 days.


You can click here to learn how you can open your HMPF Account if you don't have one already!


For example, if you deposit 10M, then that means you may make bids up to that amount.


You'll be contacted by the Auction House if you place a bid that exceeds the money you have in your HMPF Account and you'll be asked to rectify that as soon as possible. Your bid will be marked as "UNSECURED" until you do, indeed, have the money to back it up in your HMPF Account. Also:


  • Unsecured bids will be nullified if we're unable to reach you within 3 days.
  • Unsecured bids placed 3 days or less from the auction closing date will be automatically nullified.
  • You can start bidding without an HMPF Account but you must register within 3 days from placing the bid.


When does an auction end?

Auctions will end after a fixed amount of time. The relevant thread will be closed automatically when an auction ends and the highest bid will have won the item!


Successful bids will be deducted from the bidder's HMPF Account and sent to the Seller.


Who is the Seller?

The sellers can vary a lot, for now it's only bigger parties that we have contracts and deals with. We might expand it in the future, so everyone will be able to put items up for sale.

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Two important rules:


  • Only secured bidders can post in the Auction House.
  • When a new auction is launched, people have 72 hours before the auction goes live to add funds to their HMPF accounts. This gives time for everyone to get ready.

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