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Helper Applications -OPEN-

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Helper Applications
Last updated 19.09.2016 by AlexK, SepH and Roberts.


Hello community members! Helper applications are open once again!

The applications are open all year and we will be taking in small batches of helpers whenever there is the need for more and your application will remain open until something else is stated. As there will be a lot of applicants it will take some time to go through them all so please show patience. If you posted your application before the applications were reopened then please apply again. If you feel that you have what it takes to be a helper don't hesitate and apply.


What are Helpers exactly?

Helpers are normal players who volunteer their time to help other players with any questions or queries they may have, the name says it all really. The community is massive and the staff team simply can't help everyone by themself, this is where Helpers come in, Helpers talk to people and answer any questions people may have, Helpers are able to give gang tags and have a good knowledge of the rules. 
Sometimes a Helper would not be able to sort things out themself and this is when they would contact a staff member who would be able to take things over.

What we expect from Helpers 

Being a helper isn't for everybody, you will have to be available on Teamspeak as well as in-game to answer any questions that people may have. On Teamspeak you will need to be reasonably active within the Waiting for Help and the Helper channels.

You will be expected to actually put a bit of time and effort into the role of a Helper as other people would like to have your space, you are expected to be professional while you are on duty as you are seen as the ground floor 'Staff' of the server due to Helpers being the front line of help.


Perks Helpers have 

  • You will receive a helper tag on the forums and on the Teamspeak. Access to hidden helper section.
  • You will be able to give out gang tags. (With permission from gang leader).
  • You will be able to move people who request it around in the helper channels.


However the Teamspeak rules still apply.

12.1: Any faction with join permission high enough to join certain channels and ignore the passwords, may NOT join private channels without asking the owners of the channel. This means that cops needs to ask gang leaders or members before jumping into their channels, HATO needs to ask the cops before jumping into channels and rebels with high join permission may NOT join police channels without permission from the cops in the channel. Breaking any of these is considered as metagaming, which can and will lead to a ban.


Requirements to be a Helper

  • You must have played on the server for at least two months.
  • You must be active in-game as well as on Teamspeak.
  • You must know all of the server rules.
  • You must not have been banned for the following reasons; Abusive, Racism or Disrespecting Staff.


Helper benefits

Obviously you will be putting a lot of work in and you may be asking what benefits you'll receive from being a helper. 

Well, first and foremost you will not be receiving any type of in-game benefits for being a helper and if you are only looking for those then you are not fit to become a helper.


The perks are as follows:

A helper tag on Teamspeak;

A helper tag on the forums;

Extra access to the staff members;

A great opportunity to prove yourself if you were to later apply to be Support.


How to apply

To apply to become a helper you simply have to click the green button below.

If you eventually get accepted you will be called in to an interview, you can then message a Head Helper to arrange your interview.

Keep in mind: Once you've send your application there is no way to edit it.


The Head Helpers are @Fenrir @Roberts @Vodka and @SepH

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Helper.


  Submit a Helper Application


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