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Rules for creating a public auction or making a bid



Last updated: 2016-04-06 by Evolution


Welcome to the public auction section. This is the place where community members can host there very own public auctions for the rare items they have obtained in-game. When it comes to buying or selling in this section one thing needs to be made very apparent, staff members are not involved in anyway with the auctions held. If either party is scammed or an auction doesn't go as planned staff members cannot be held accountable but you may be subject to a permanent ban. Auctions held in this section will not have items or money transferred by staff members such as the privately held in the other forum so each transaction must be completed in-game by both the buyer and seller.

Lets start by explaining some basic rules before even beginning to post an auction thread or creating a bid to buy.

Creating an auction and selling items.

If you are creating an auction for an item you must include the following in the thread:

  • A picture of the item that is being sold.
  • Proof that you own the item, this can be by posting a picture or video with your in-game name.
  • A minimum and maximum increment of each bid.
  • An end time and date of when the auction will end.

Failing to include all of these details will result in your auction being forcefully ended.

Rules for selling an item.

When creating an auction there is also a set of rules you must follow to avoid clutter on the forum and make it fair for each person wanting to create a sale.

  • You can only create one thread for each item you are selling.
  • If the auction receives no bids you must wait at least 7 days before re-creating the thread and trying to resell the item.
  • You may resell the item if the buyer decides not to pay.
  • Do not have friends or other members bid on items just to raise the price.
  • Never accept out of game payments or items in return for items sold in-game.
  • Never sell any non virtual item that isn't in-game.
  • Only sell which you yourself own.
  • Do NOT create auction threads in other sections of the forum.
  • Do not set the auction end time longer than 7 days.

Breaking any of these rules will either result in either a ban from this section of the forum, a ban from the entire forum or a community wide ban depending on the severity and staff members discretion. If other members or friends are also involved then they will also receive a punishment.

Making a bid.

If you want to have the chance to win an item that is up for auction you're more than free to create a bid! There is a list of rules and guidelines to follow when creating a bid so please read below before doing so, not doing so will result in either your bid being removed, a ban from this section of the forum, a forum wide ban or depending on the severity a community ban.

  • Only bid what you can afford.
  • Bid in between the minimum and maximum increments the seller has made.
  • Make sure you are 100% on the item before making a bid, each bid is final.
  • Do not spam or constantly attempt to contact the seller regarding information of the auction/item.
  • Posting questions is fine, but when making a bid make sure you format is as so:
    • Bid: £100,000
  • Do not make bids are the auction end date.
  • Never ask members to remove there existing bids, all bids are final.
  • If you have a question you may contact a staff member but do not spam or hassle them.
  • Feel free to post a screenshot of your MyGTA page to show you can afford the product.

Staff members and the final say.

If at any time a staff member decides to close an auction then do not re-create the auction unless you've been given permission. We will monitor this forum just like every other but it will not be our highest priority therefore do not expect a long response to why the auction was closed. If a staff member makes a decision on any auction held then respect the decision in which he/she has made.


Create an auction 

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Update 29/05/16:

  • NATO gear is now no longer allowed to be sold on public auctions.

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Update:  21/12/16

  • Vehicles can't be sold on public auctions.

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