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Server Laws

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Offences Against The Persons Act 1861
Grievous Bodily Harm / Actual Bodily Harm
ABH / GBH upon an officer
Attempted Murder
£50,000 up to Prison
Conspiring to commit murder
Threats to kill
£50,000 up to £100,000
Resisting arrest
Assault with intent to resist arrest
Public Order Act 1986
£10,000 up to Prison
Intentional harassment, Fear of provocation of violence
Caution up to Prison
Theft Act 1986
£25,000 up to £100,000
Armed robbery
Taking a vehicle without consent
Attempted Vehicle Theft
Caution / £25,000 to £50,000
Vehicle Theft
Stealing a vehicle from the government
Misuse of Drugs act 1971
Less than 5 units of Marijuana
Street Caution
5 Or more units of Marijuana
£15,000 Per Unit
X amount of Heroin/Cocaine
£20,000 Per Unit
Intent of supply
Drug trafficking   
Criminal Attempts Act 1981
Perverting the course of justice
£10,000 up to £100,000
Firearms Act 1968
Possessing a firearm without a license
Seizure of weapon and/ or ticket up to £50,000
Visible firearm in a public area
Up to £50,000 + Seizure of weapon
Possessing of an illegal firearm
£75,000 + Seizure of weapon
Possessing of illegal firearm(s)
Road Traffic Act 1988
Speeding fines in build up areas / 0-20 km/h above limit
Caution up to £10,000
21-40 km/h above limit
41-60 km/h above limit
61+ km/h above limit
Speeding fines on open roads
0-20 km/h above limit
Caution up to £10,000
21-40 km/h above limit
41-60 km/h above limit
61-80 km/h above limit
81+ km/h above limit
General Offences
No lights
Caution up to £5,000
Driving with Night Vision
Caution up to £15,000
Misuse of horn
Caution up to £20,000
Driving otherwise than in accordance with a license
£10,000 up to £50,000 + seizure of vehicle
Driving in places other than a public highway
up to £25,000 + seizure of vehicle
Failure to stop for the police
£25,000 up to £50,000
Driving without due care and attention
Caution up to £25,000
Dangerous driving
Caution up to Prison
Driving under the influence of Drink or Drugs
£25,000 to Prison/Seizure of Vehicle
Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003
Failing to leave an area at the request of police
Caution/ £1,000 to  £50,000/ Prison
Police Reform Act 2002
All crimes under this act
Caution/ Seizure of Vehicle / £1,000 to £50,000/ Prison
Identity Documents Act 2010
Possession of false identity documents
Traffic Management Act 2004
Failing to comply with a HATO
Caution/ £1,000 to £50,000/ Prison
Wilfully obstructing a HATO in the execution of his duties
Caution/ £1,000 to £50,000/ Prison
Impersonating a traffic officer
Giving incorrect personal details or deceiving a traffic officer
Caution/ £1,000 to £50,000
Failing to comply with a sign placed by HATO
Caution/ £1,000 to £50,000

More information can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-C4RSG_40MTj9ouBkzFiMmRzwVJczDsZIT9Kcbtsd1w/edit



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