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Kavala Coffeehouse Chat



Last updated: 2015-08-10 by Lakotiz


Welcome to the brand new Coffeehouse section on the forums! The section was suggested by members that wanted to roleplay to the next level by extending the in-game roleplay to the forums. This is the first official roleplay section on the forums, so it will all be a bit new for all of us.

The rules in "Kavala Coffeehouse" will be simple from the start and eventually we'll add more as we learn from having this section up and running.


EVERYTHING has to be "in character" when you write in here, this means that you write it as you would do from your in-game character and play the same role. If you're a gang member in-game then you write as that gang member here on the roleplay section. You see things from the same perspective as your in-game character would have.

You're more then welcome to start discussions regarding in-game related topics, where everyone can discuss the topics within roleplay, it could be the quality of Kavala KFC or pretty much anything.

In-game campaigns and such can be also be posted here.

These rules are still being expanded, so please look back every now and then.

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