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  1. Past hour
  2. Can we place bets with a trusted source? ;)
  3. I'm reporting Marmalade man.... "hello there mr medic may i ask your name?" "certainly I'm Dan griffin a nurse for the NHS" "I'll call you simon" "........but my names Dan" "ok simon"
  4. cheers boiss!
  5. Timothy Boom (middle name 'TickTick') Pleased to meet you, Hope you guess my name, But what's puzzling you, Is the nature of my game.....
  6. We have the minimum amount of racers needed feel free to still apply ;)
  7. @Mohammed Labibi - [APC] Connormcdx would like to join @KleeF - [APC] Kleef Would like to join @TempR - [APC] TempR Would like to join @Edwin- [APC] Edwin would like to join I hope I have made up enough Numbers here :?
  8. Yep,because I can shell out an extra 500 euros for a good pc. Im just 17 and need to pay for my gaming equipment myself (as it should be for all kids) but also have to save up for studying and my drivers licence/car. I just CANNOT afford a better pc, and that should not exclude me from playing this game if I can without rain. Rain or more players, I think the admins would rather see more people.
  9. Today
  10. The weather right now is spot on tbh , gone the mass fog and annoying rain
  11. Rain + Initiation range = woeful = more unnecessary reports/bans/comps
  12. They meth pro spot , so many fights when I was in eX
  13. Ide99 recon , right @Ide
  14. Well you cant get any worse fps than what arma gives you, the crashes are more common because of the latest update, people stop bitching and enjoy don't think new people would leave cause they're like oh rain by and stop moaning lol XD ns one last point not our fault they'd get crappy fps lol just lower settings they all look kinda similar
  15. I believe day-night has a perfect balance right now. If you play for a whole restart you will have your fair share of both day and night so thats okay, imo. About the weather types, I would love to see some rain aswell. It was added about a month ago but I havent seen rain for a while now as it is always sunny or foggy and almost never rainy.
  16. Why we dont have rain: 1. Worse FPS. 2. People don't like it. 3. More crashes. (combination of bad FPS and bad weather conditions) 4. People cry about if. 5. Some more crying. 6. New players don't like it and leave without experiencing GTA to full extent. 7. Roleplay gets worse because of the shitty background noise rain causes. 8. Last but not least, I absolutely HATE rain in Arma.
  17. We need at least 10 people in order to do the event or it will be cancelled 6 so far join up now because the prizes are going to be big
  18. Naw man, we just had good recon going Most of the big gangs tried to farm but ended up getting into massive fights with each other which were great fun, NoVa, Illusion, TI, TLA and NATO when they were on all used to go after each, I'd say maybe 1 in 3 runs would actually get done without incident.
  19. I have witnessed a lot of the time that i'm playing on the server that it's always daytime and barely night time this means there's rarely any use in laser pointers for snipers and nvs scopes etc... I think it would be good if it was evenly distributed because some times I haven't even see night time in a server restart and it gets boring always being in the daylight or even if it is daytime could we atleast have rain, storms and stuff like that added into the weather system I know fog has been added and mellow days but I feel like that's not enough cause rain would be perfect and storms as it would mean people have to drive safer and if they don't medics get more revives.
  20. +1 to Tanoa, great map for roleplay opportunities and combat in the jungle (had some great combat there), unfortunately, it doesn't receive the reception it quite deserves.
  21. Welcome boi
  22. +1 fucking loved the map, especially doing boat runs and using water for combat but NV camped coke 24/7 robbing the smallest thing that came there and other gangs took turns camping the other illegal licenses making it a big farming server for 2-3 gangs at a time who didn't need to be in each others way, made money all day long and made it impossible for anyone else to do an illegal run.
  23. This just goes to show you how much the game has changed and developed
  24. Whats up and welcome mah dude.
  25. I didn't go on it but i'd like to give it a shot
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