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  2. Roleplay has been nice lately been giving out a few bucks here and there :)
    • Fleimeris
    • Benjaminas


  3. that Live Piano Guy deserves a lot more... :) I'm alway's enjoying his piano play..
  4. and yet, APC usually stops me, and say that I am recless driver.... ha haa..
  5. I think, it's because that song has really Deep and true meaning in it..
  6. that was one of there biggest hits
  7. hell yeah - song "Wrong side of heaven" is one of my fav.
  8. Last thing I've said about this, I just want to make some fun with some other community members
  9. I'm sorry but if this was an attempt to try and make your efforts look any better, it hasn't worked. This post has just served to show that you've not really listened to - or at the very least not understood - anything that Verm has brought up here.
  10. Next time stopping a drug run, tips all the way :D lol
  11. Hello Mike, wish you good luck, and have fun to herd these latvian boys ;)
    • Benjaminas
    • Fleimeris


  12. The degree to which this shows you're all but admitting defeat to Verm's arguments is un-fathomable... I can't understand how someone who is trying to prove another wrong simply chooses to insult them and tell them to "Go crawl back under the rock" etc. I simply cannot understand why you'd try and have a somewhat reasonable discussion with someone and then all out turn to insulting them in order to try and prove them wrong? I'd mention, with regards to the ways in which @Verm has been writing his responses, it doesn't seem to me that in any respect he's angry or trying to directly insult you.
  13. Well I'm leaving it here, I try to do something that I like and that is making an event for the community, never said that I'm a prof in doing this. However I will keep your critism in mind next time.
  14. These replies honestly show how clueless and unprofessional you are.
    • Jeffrey
    • Redbull

    UR backkkkk yeaaaaaa

  15. Boys calm it down. No need to criticize the event or the planning or have a go at each other. It's a community event just appreciate it
  16. You want to be in? I can make a exception for you if you want? What platform do I have? Oh I do What would you change? You dont even know how much effort I'm putting into this
  17. Well it just came out on Early Acess so can't really judge on a lot of things. It has good potential but at the stage it is right now with the horrible performance, countless bugs and glitches it generally just feels clunky and I'd rather just wait untill they fix it a little bit and then get into it. But so far it's a good idea for a game and I'll trust PLAYERUNKNOWN on that.
  18. What are your opinions on the game and have you had an issues. I know for a fact my game crashes every-time I try to exit to the lobby and the FPS is terrible.
  19. NICE TO SEE YOU LADS BACKING THE ROLE-PLAY AGAIN, last time i knew you were just robbing people in kavala. Regards _sИ_
  20. This is actually pretty cool Love it
  21. Today
    • Bjorhusdal
    • Redbull


  22. Your man dank does those @Walshh
  23. I think someone in AZA made a mission file for cqc for practicing @Proxy maybe you can help out this lad with his event.
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