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  2. looooooooooooool ffs
  3. are you sure you weren't using this?
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  5. Welcome back man. Long time!
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  7. Congrats on your nee positions! With that level of effort, you guys really deserved it!
  8. I agree about the work load, when I was in the APC a few months back now majority of the Pyrgos management and all but one of its SGTs left due and joined embrace due to the work load which made it feel more of a boring chore than a game (plus Alahu was busy with real life so the management had to pull extra weight). The biggest issue at the time was also power ranking which was happening in a couple of departments, and truthfully we reported each one but only one got dealt with out of a significant number (this individual was kicked but ended up going to NATO, what a promotion) due to the fact people either didn't give a fuck or happened to have a few more friends in the higher ranks.
  9. I appreciate all the comments. I see some agree and some do not. What I currently have in mind, is to perhaps give a 1x free fast respawn every server restart, so when you use it, you cannot use it anymore until a server restart has been done. (Only 1x free fast respawn, it resets back to 1 every server restart and goes back to the old respawn timer system when the 1x fast respawn is used) Most medics only play for a few hours, so that should be enough for those who really had a bad day with driving. - - This should be fair for both parties and if it would ever get added or looked at, I believe this will be the perfect solution for that.
  10. A lot of the time it's because of recent changes within the faction which some do not agree on even though they are for the best. In addition, people can get bored of the cycle within the faction. People get bored of the work and the expected activity of the faction. If you were to join a special unit such as APA you will be expected to do work such as training, daily paperwork etc. and people just don't work well with that but they like the reputation so they stay within the unit. Some people like to hide away their issues and feelings instead of addressing them to higher ups as they may be worried about what they think. But you have to look at the bigger picture. The APC have a lot of dedicated and hard-working members of the faction but people focus on the negative side of things e.g. people leaving. From my past experience with cops, I really enjoyed it, I worked hard and enjoyed the work that came with it. I just fancied a change after serving for a long time within the faction and felt like I left the Department in a decent state after getting Kavala's reputation back up.
  11. Thank you dad xx
  12. That's not what I expected him to look like...
  13. As much as I like the idea I also appreciate it cannot work. We are after all only human and we die just as easily under the right conditions as anyone else. Whether it's at the fault of ourselves, cilians or the magic that is arma physics. I'd like to think I'm a pretty good driver but some times I slip up and I write myself off it sucks sure and people could consequently die as a result but the person I was on the way to was never guaranteed a revive either. I think it would also be abused in the sense of non pilots tansporting themselves from kavala to sofia instantly with good intentions to try and save everyone but like someone said earlier iyou'd end up seeing a lot of "not valuing life" with medics jumping off buildings to die quick etc etc.
  14. I wouldn't say that intel had a real advantage in the CPU you playing more for an intel CPU compared to an AMD CPU as personally AMD have a much better price to performance over its intel equviliant so for people who are on tight budgets when it comes to its gaming rights then AMD isn't a bad choice to go, I've personally always stuck with intel due to reliability more than anything as i ad a FX6800 in an older gaming system and I personally had reliability problems with it, but I know a lot of people who have AMD processor and they running just fine so really when it comes down it its either by budget or simply thought personal preference . I've seen this video by linus tech tip on AMD new reizen CPU and I've seen intel work on kabylake and to be honest neither CPU stand out to me as been a significant better than either one, no do either one warrant me to go out and get it one as I'm running a i5 4690k overclocked to 4.4 GHz and with it been on the older intel Haswell "devil's canyon" platform and does the job just fine and i wont consider upgrading unless there is a significant upgrade to either, core clock speed, temperatures and possibly overclocking
  15. ayyyyyy your alive
  16. Surely by having a rule saying that you can't have 1 gang in a teamspeak channel it is just encouraging combat. For example recently I will be up at 04:00 with a few friends and if we weren't able to work with other gangs and do runs we would just scout and rob other people, so it would just be encouraging combat in a sense. Ultimately everyone would like a better rebel community as there is no cooperation and by saying you cant work together as you are purposely getting around the gang cap to gain an advanage just doesnt seem right. I would personally say that if your gang has players on and you join under different tags and stay in there channel to either surpass the gang cap or to gain a tactical advantage that would be exploiting.
  17. I have been in the NHS for quite some time (not anymore tho) and people always complain about medics. One time you are too slow and get some messages on TS or ingame telling me to hurry the fuck up, the next time you crash because you try to get there fast enough. People dont respect medics and use them
  18. I don't see a problem. The only people who get confused are the whiny kids always looking for an excuse to report you to a higher rank. I always played with minimal tags, as there was no requirement to have DMT etc in my name, and the amount of people who would join my channel and start confronting me about having a 7.62 only to realise I'm in DMT was rediculous. People just need to keep to themselves. If you see someone in a rebel channel playing during peak time management probably already knows about it.
  19. Thanks for the quick answers!
  20. Credit to me finding it.
  21. Welcome back Watson!
  22. them 50cal ambushes were great fun :) although to be fair we got our ass kicked at least as often as we won XD
  23. Why would you put a bid increment worth the gun itself? Did you think someone would bid over 500k for a single MX SW?
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