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    Good Luck with your interview :)

  2. Thanks for clearing things up.
  3. People are thinking that this might be the case because a few months back we doubled the donation goal and we got 20 days, this was probably a one time thing though, the admins haven't announced anything like that for this month.
  4. Bang on. @Djekis may have become confused as a month or so ago they did a 20 day sale for the doubling of the donation goal which has also happened this month. They rarely do this and it is only for special circumstances.
  5. There has been no arraignments for another 20-day 50%-off-sales and double XP to my knowledge.
  6. I heard from several people it'll be 20 days long but I cant say for sure myself. Ok
  7. Quite clearly (as @Robins has already stated) you can even find this information on the Donation page; 50% off all weapons & vehicles and double XP for everyone the first 10 days of next month if the goal is reached.
  8. 1. At the start of the month, as usual 2 Where does it say we have a 20-day sale?
  9. When is 50% off period? is it at a different date than usual due to the upcoming 20 days long? When is it starting? is it on Saturday (1st April)?
  10. Appreciate the feedback bud. However, we're simply setting the stage currently. There are bigger and better events planned for the future. I hope that you all give me your continued patience.
  11. Heh @splobs Not the most lucrative run but it was a good turn out last time, good luck Upshaw :)
  12. Would be a pleasure to have some officers from the Kavala department. I'll let you guys know if we need some backup just in-case some of our officers can't make it.
  13. Meh - just go to a town & use a clinic or pay for FAKs or spend time for a perk.
  14. Happy to assist from kavala should my colleagues at kavala have enough man power.
  15. Glad to see an account of "I've tried it in game and I'm seeing this effect" People making changes to the load out has to be a positive thing instead of "biggest guns and most mags win" because lately that seems to stomp out a lot of combat tactics I've seen. Looking forward to trying in game.
  16. I appreciate your input as today it seems you've offered a structured response to a post. However, as it comes down to us what events Pyrgos will host I will keep with the events I have planned for the coming month. Your opinion Mew was duly noted. On that note Mew, feel free to host a cement protection run as it doesn't solely fall to the Pyrgos Department. Yourself as a dynamic and capable individual should be able to host a simple cement protection run and I humbly apologise for sticking with the typical Pygos sugar runs as it clearly lacks originality.
  17. Glad I'm not the only one OT: 6 pages later of this thread and it kinda of seems it's got a tad out of hand by now... As I've said before, allow the change & test it out - I love the immediate change it's had to combat and I've already seen (some) people using smaller fire-arms for the sole reason of silencers.
  18. Sugar is pretty common, maybe you can try and include other tier one runs like cement for example as it is a popular run that does get robbed often and would love to see Pyrgos doing some protection for that :)
  19. made my day.
  20. Today
  21. Kavala Road Maintenance because of a storm.
  22. CONFIDENTIAL Keep on topic please.
  23. So what popular events have you done
  24. Yeah sometimes something forced is cringey. Well if I see you around I'll be sure to give you a story =)
  25. We did a ridealong yesterday. It was simply awkward and didn't end up very good XD.
  26. On the low down it would be fairly easy to stage a juicy story and maybe with the permission from the right ranks have you ride along with us and do a "cops" bit. But honestly the natural on the fly scene you had where that guy put a gun to your head was hilarious and sometimes you need a random hobo to put spanners in the works
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