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  2. Lemme know if you still need
  3. lmfao
  4. 16760
  5. Read this and see if you are apply to get a teamspeak room
  6. Is there a way to get a teamspeak room for our group of 6 players? Thanks in advance
  7. Always love watching your videos, keep them coming!
  8. Oh shit I'm on TV.
  9. xD Contact me on TS ;)
  10. BTF Zino

    help xD

  11. Today
  12. Hello, Now before we begin this is not Season 3! I am working on hard and getting a good story line into that due to everything that has happened with NoVa disbanding etc and me joining NATO. But since I have been busy with work, I thought I would get together some clips from playing as NATO and bring you this. Yes Season 3 is in the works and will come eventually, but for the time being enjoy the video of this as we roll around with the NATO boys. NOTE: Due to the music at the start it is copyright claimed, so will be restricted on some mobile devices. To get around this watch via youtube.com on your phone (not via the youtube app). Starring: @charlie thomas @Jeru @DnA @Han Solo @Nathan @Arrrival
  13. I'd suggest you keep an eye on the auction thread many different pieces of equipment are sold there, and sometimes LRPS scopes too
  14. @Kacyce I think he still has one.
  15. I'm guessing this idea is ripped?
  16. Hello where i should post this but i really need a LRPS scope because currently using a khalia scope on my sniper it works but i enoy the LRPS more i would love to buy LRPS scope.
  17. Haha. Not many things in databases ever are random, as there's a minute chance that if there were multiple servers you might get a duplicate before they sync up. Most IDs you see, including your Steam ID, hold some kind of cool information.
  18. Would maybe be better to make so that you need to get a perk to get access to hunting. Like bounty hunters back in the day.
  19. Awesome idea!
  20. Badum-tss. But seriously, though, this whole thing is a meme. And for real. -B- Matty coming in here to make sure he doesn't get Liam's apparent 'smut' on his name is just beautiful. Never, in my lifetime, have I encountered a person with such a lack of self-reflection! Straight up oblivious to repercussions to his own behaviour. From what I've collected, earlier this year he was liked by some people. However, it looks like he ran out of people to manipulate a long while back, yet he still regards anything he posts as valid. I know this thread is about Liam's comeback, but hell, I couldn't resist me some venting about Matty! :)
  21. Aesthetics aren't my cup of tea on ARMA 3, unfortunately though, don't think the potential new developers will find the time to do things as such. I'd love to see an additional part of the old system back too. It'd be great being able to buy a small, extra ammo crate. I like to stack ammo in the 50% off time aswell, so. To be fair, it's just like real life. Guns in one safe, ammo in the other. Anything I can store a 100+ mags in really if we're talking personal preference haha.
  22. +1, maybe we can pay for our extra crate(s). However, I would love to see furniture be able to be bought and placed in houses for that aesthetic appeal.
  23. It would be nice to have the ability to buy a 2nd small crate for your 6mill+ house just for small things as in ammo, FAK'S and weapon accesoires. right now everything is just slammed in one crate. Ps; Sorry my OCD is kickin in
  24. +1 Interesting Idea
  25. Only now, I find out it's actually not a randomly generated ID instead of a count.
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